Lynne Campbell, a Marketing Quality Manager within Nomad Foods is our latest BRCGS Professional in the UK. We had a great opportunity to ask Lynne about her BRCGS Professional journey and how the programme has impacted her working life.


What is your current role?

I work within the European Marketing Unit Quality Team within Nomad Foods. I am the UK Marketing Unit Quality Manager for the Aunt Bessie's Brand but I also work closely with the teams for Birds Eye and Goodfella's Pizza.

Why did you join the BRCGS Professional Programme?

I have a real eagerness to learn so the opportunity to demonstrate continuous improvement within my career with the BRCGS Professional Programme was a no brainer. The scheme helps to promote an employers' professional attitude and commitment to a great Food Safety Culture. This BRCGS certification helps our customers see the business’s total ongoing commitment to Food Safety and Quality and ultimately everything we do is about the customer.

What value do you personally feel the BRCGS Professional certification brings to you?

The certification gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence in my role. It's incredibly rewarding that even with a lifetime spent working within the food industry I am able to confidently demonstrate that I am still up-to-date and relevant in terms of both knowledge and experience.

How has/will the recognition programme impacted your work?

It's still early days, but I have no doubt that the certification will have a positive impact on my working life. As a customer facing Quality Manager, the certification clearly demonstrates our commitment to compliance. This certification also enables me to add value and contribute to the wider European business through shared learning/training sessions at our quality conferences.

Would you have completed the component courses anyway?

Yes, but not in the same timescale. Due to my working commitments, the component course has proven to be very informative and worthwhile.

How did you get to your current role?

I have been a member of the Aunt Bessie's team for over 10 years and formally worked within the meat sector for 18 years. My most recent role developed as part of the merger with Nomad Foods who acquired the Aunt Bessie brand from the William Jackson Food Group in 2018. Since Nomad became our parent company the scope of my role has increased and opened up new opportunities for learning across a global scale.

What is your educational background?

Having started my career within the food industry right from college my working life in food started within an on-site microbiology lab. Throughout my career, I have completed numerous roles within Quality and Compliance and I have attended numerous business courses in HACCP, Food Safety, Hygiene, Microbiology, Auditing (Internal and External), Training, Consumer Care, Health & Safety, and Retailer Standards. I have also gained a Diploma in Food Safety & Hygiene and completed The Open University course modules.

What are your career ambitions/aims?

At the risk of sounding cliché, my aim to go home at the end of a work day or week happy in the knowledge that I’ve done my best and that I’ve made the right decisions, based on my knowledge and experience.I am, of course, ambitious and hungry for progression and development but as long as my role challenges me I am happy to follow it in any direction it may go.