The restrictions on movement and travel have had a major disruption on how we attend events. Many companies, such as BRCGS, have maintained connection with customers and wider stakeholders by adapting planned physical events into virtual ones. While these events provide a good opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector, events in the post-Covid era will need to adapt to offer improved value to delegates.

BRCGS has already started this process and all future events will be hybrid - we will continue to host on-site events, but we provide the opportunity for a virtual audience to come together with those at the venue to participate in the same experience and content at the same time. Our first hybrid event will be Leaders of Tomorrow in September.


A hybrid format will offer a new meaning of live. Delegates attending in person will still benefit from the networking opportunities of meeting like-minded people from similar businesses, as well as industry experts, representatives from major brands, and standards developers. However it offers employees from sites, previously limited by geography or time away from site, the opportunity to tune in and interact with the event as if in person from anywhere in the world.

As sites resume operations, our events provide the opportunity to soak up valuable sector information, professionally develop your team, grow your network, and to identify potential opportunities to expand your business:

  1. Network – share experiences with like-minded delegates and learn from others in a similar position, and develop relationships with partners that can add value to your site.
  2. Learn – develop your management, leadership and technical skills through our training portfolio, delivered in multiple formats and platforms to suit your objectives and preferences. Encourage your colleagues to attend and develop the skills they need.
  3. Raise your profile – learn how your site can adopt additional assurance tools to meet brand and specifier requirements to improve their resilience
  4. Inspiration – freshen your thinking on how to improve your business by taking advantage of free and licensed support tools, to seeing how adopting new core standards can accelerate new product launches.