Covid-19 caused disruptions and supply chain challenges. For example, it exposed vulnerabilities to organisations who had a high dependence on a single economy or supplier to provide raw materials or finished products, forcing them to find with new partners and suppliers in order to meet demand and continuity.  

As we start the recovery phase, we are certain to see brands, specifiers and manufacturers learn from their experiences and adopt improved business resilience plans and supply chain strategies to resist future shocks.

Technologies that provide visibility into supplier performance will have a clear role to play. Digital intelligence that offers greater insight into risk profiles, supplier performance trends, and benchmarking analytics will provide additional means of gauging assurance, above and beyond certifications. It will also streamline due diligence processes and agility to switch to alternative suppliers with confidence.

As the largest GFSI benchmarked scheme owner, BRCGS has access to millions of data points from audits conducted in over 130 countries. This data provides valuable insight to brands, but it is also a vital tool that sites can use to support your post-covid-19 recovery. It allows you to present reports and dashboards showing audit performance, how you compare with competitors or your peers, and vital benchmarking information to improve your business.

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