A101, a leading supermarket chain in Turkey, has chosen the newly upgraded BRCGS Global Standard for Storage and Distribution to support its rapid growth and to manage its supply chain risk. With changing behaviour and the shift to direct to consumer delivery, A101 has recognised how BRCGS certification can help them adapt to the spike in e-commerce and the evolving dynamics of logistics to continue to provide their customers with high quality products. 

The new version of the Standard, which has been expanded to include online operations, will ensure the quality and safety of A101’s products during their storage and distribution and support the supermarket’s service of providing a same day delivery promise to every city in Turkey. A101 will initially implement the standard in 50 of its depots.

A101, one of the 15 largest companies in Turkey, is growing rapidly. It employs 60,000 staff and operates more than 10,000 stores across all 81 districts of the country. A101’s supply chains have become faster, more flexible and more customised to meet the needs of the 99% of households that it serves. With a network of 600 suppliers, certification to BRCGS is part of A101’s food safety & quality to proactively manage risk and quality.

The global pandemic has placed supply chain resilience firmly front of mind for brands, retailers, and a growing number of conscientious consumers. Product integrity can be compromised by supply shocks which are increasing in frequency and severity and stem from a multitude of sources including adverse weather, financial crises, trade disputes, cyber-attacks and, deliberate sabotage attacks. Product integrity is the ultimate consumer quality standard and is also challenged if the route to market for goods does not meet the same high standards as the manufacturing process.

The new Standard, developed with input from leading brands, retailers, storage, logistics and online retailers, has been designed to mitigate these risks and to protect product integrity. As a result, it has seen a 16% year on year growth adoption by the industry in over 50 countries. It is also fully in line with GFSI’s new benchmarking requirements.

John Kukoly, BRCGS Director, said: “We are delighted that A101, a leading food retailer, has recognised the reassurance that our Standards and certification programmes give them as a brand. Our new Storage and Distribution Standard has evolved to meet changing consumer expectations and supply chain dynamics, to ensure that brands such as A101 can maintain assurance in product safety and integrity.”

Faruk Yılmaz’ A101's General Manager-Quality, said: "A101 is delighted to work with BRCGS as it is recognised as the most rigorous global supply chain assurance programme. It is widely accepted as the gold standard and sends a clear message to our customers, partners and investors that food safety & quality is a priority.”