BRCGS is well known for it’s expertise in food safety management system programmes. Since its creation in 1996, BRCGS has transformed into a global leading consumer protection organisation with over 32,000 sites operating to one of its standards. However, its learning and development programme is now supporting a growing number of brands from Aldi, Waitrose, to the Want-Want Group.

The Anadolu Birlik Holding company is the latest brand to partner with BRCGS to develop the skills of its own workforce. Representing brands including Torku, Panagro , and Konya Şeker, the company has put its Quality Assurance teams through the BRCGS Professional programme to equip them with the skills to deliver safe and high quality products.

The group is a major Turkish brand that aims to offer trustworthy, natural and delicious products to its consumers by continuously improving production methods and through sustainable procurement. A key corporate aim is to raise employee behavioural, professional knowledge and skills with development opportunities to drive operational productivity and to provide career development opportunities. The BRCGS Professional programme plays a key part in helping them achieve this goal. Anadolu Birlik has made a commitment to develop its employees and improve product safety management practice within its respective brands.

The BRCGS Professional scheme continues to play a critical role in mitigating supply chain risk and contributing to brand and consumer protection globally. The Professional Graduate community has grown by over 100% and there are now 11,500 food safety practitioners enrolled across 6700 different BRCGS certificated sites.