We revise our standards to make sure they reflect the needs of the industry. We are currently revising our Gluten-Free Certification Programme, and we would welcome your views. The Standard is endorsed by Coeliac Associations in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe and is now used by around 350 sites in 34 countries and is accepted by global retailers, quick-service restaurants, and manufacturers. Earlier this year, we gathered comments gathered from national and international stakeholders representing food manufacturers, regulators, retailers, food service companies, brand owners, certification bodies and independent technical experts.

These comments have ensured that the Standard incorporates the latest industry trends and operations, practical experiences and best practices from the industry, as well as regulatory changes and consumer expectations. A working group has produced a draft upgraded standard which is now open for your comment.

We encourage you to consider the draft and provide feedback on the proposed requirements. The closing date for submission of feedback is July 7th, 2023.

The draft document and instructions for submitting your feedback can be found on the Gluten-Free pages on our website.

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