BRCGS has started a process of re-branding with a clear message that 'BRC' now stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance. This reflects our international presence, developing new products and our new mission of 'We improve brand confidence through rigorous supply chain assurance services', and overall vision of 'Science for a safer world'.

As part of this process, we have developed a new set of logos which eligible certificated sites can use to advertise their achievement in gaining certification. We will be contacting all current and potential users of the logos shortly to provide clear brand guidelines so customers can clearly demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety through BRCGS.

We recognise, of course, that transition to the new logo will need time to be phased in. There have been some misinformed comments recently on the internet suggesting that auditors may raise non-conformities where sites are using the old logo. This is, of course, not the case, and we have re-emphasised this to our certification body partners and their auditors.

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