Covid-19 and the resultant government and health authority actions have resulted in travel and work restrictions in some geographic regions. This has had an impact on audit arrangements where sites are not able to operate or auditors are not permitted to travel. BRCGS expects certification bodies to follow government guidance during the specified timeframe.

After consultation with industry there is a growing need for additional assurance over and above the certificate extension process BRCGS072 which is based on risk assessment as required for GFSI benchmarking.

This audit protocol ‘Certificate Extension PLUS’ can offer increased levels of assurance to customers through a more extensive assessment process based on a full site self-assessment and the use of remote audit technologies. It also incorporates an assessment of the management of the specific risks likely to occur as a result of Covid- 19 restrictions as defined in the BRCGS Covid-19 Additional Module issue 1.

Certificate extensions granted as a consequence of using the BRCGS Certificate extension PLUS allow for the issue of a GFSI compliant certificate extension in addition as the process fully incorporates the risk assessment certificate extension process BRCGS072 Audits impacted by Covid-19.

Download BRCGS077 Certificate Extension PLUS BRCGS Audits impacted by Covid-19