Virtual Training Concessions

We are working to phase out all concessions by 1 September 2020. Now that our Approved Virtual Trainer scheme is up and running if any ATP would like to continue to deliver Virtual Training then they will need to be an Approved Virtual Trainer. If you have any specific concerns about your ability to meet the requirements please do contact us so we can support

Virtual Training Content Development

Work continues to convert our standard classroom-based training content to a more suitable format for our Approved Virtual Trainers to take advantage of:

Now available on MyBRCGS for Approved Virtual Trainers:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Validation and Verification



  • Internal Auditor
  • Food 8 Auditor Training


BRCGS Educate

We are nearing the end of our upgrade project with a few new features still to be released later. We have experienced unforeseen complications with some of the new features around the skills assessments so thank you very much for your patience whilst we work with developers to address these issues. If you have any queries or concerns please contact