Update: 14th May 2020

We have updated BRC072 - Audits impacted by Covid-19.

The key changes are:


  • For risk assessments carried out from 1st June 2020, there will be a BRCGS service fee of £250 to cover the extended certification period.
  • The fee for START! certificate extensions will be £75.


Physical onsite Unannounced audits

  • There is a temporary suspension of the requirement for unannounced onsite audits by stakeholders which continues.
  • However if sites are happy to continue within the unannounced programme, then unannounced audits may be carried out.


Certificate life on re-audit

We have removed the reference to a 12 month certificate from the new onsite audit date – we are reviewing all the rules once onsite audits start up again following feedback to our consultation and will let you know details when they are available.

Download BRC072 - Audits impacted by Covid-19 (May 14th 2020)