Brief history of the BRCGS

A brief history

BRC Global Standards’ was set up in 1996 at the British Retail Consortium (UK Trade Association) where UK retailers came together to agree a common approach to supplier auditing. At the time a number of second party audits (schemes owned by a single company or retailer) were used throughout the industry which led to high supply chain duplication and cost. To reduce supplier costs and duplication a food safety third party audit programme was created and in 1998 was accepted by the majority of UK retailers. BRC Global Standards was created to manage this process.
A technical working group was formed to write the standard and in 1998 the first BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was published. Since then the BRC has developed a series of global standards to support the food manufacturing sector in UK. The subjects include Packaging Materials, Consumer Products, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers and Retail.
Third party certification was further accelerated with the creation of the GFSI organisation from the Consumer Goods Forum which led to global brand owners (retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations) to accept a GFSI-benchmarked scheme. BRC Global Standard’ Food Safety scheme was the first to be benchmarked in 2000.
In November 2016 BRC Global Standards’ was sold to LGC and as part of the Brand Separation and Co-Existence Agreement, BRC agreed to use existing trademarks for a period of 4 years, thereafter BRC Global Standards’ will cease to use existing marks. In the same year, to globalise the brand and remove the “British” connotation of BRC and to make our organisation less retailer focussed, we began referring to the organisation as BRCGS, the BRC standing for – Brand, Reputation and Compliance.
In 2018, BRCGS acquired Allergen Control Group, owner and operator of the Gluten Free Certification Programme. Under the BRCGS umbrella the trademark now has a truly global platform from which to establish itself. Also, in development is the first internationally recognised Plant-Based Certification Programme.

BRCGS Mission

“We improve brand confidence through our rigorous supply chain assurance services”

BRCGS Vision

“Science for a Safer World”


Quotes from Mark Proctor, Chief Executive, BRCGS:

“Our new visual identity is much more than a new logo.”

“It signals a renewed commitment to brands globally and sets the scene for a range of new tools to help customers reassure all their stakeholders."

“The new signature – Brand Reputation through Compliance – captures our mission to improve brand confidence through rigorous supply chain assurance.”

Along with a new company name, BRCGS has created new brand guidelines and directions on how to use the BRCGS branding with new branding created all our delivery partners. These can be found at here.

BRCGS would like to ask its customers to refer to us at all times as BRCGS when you reference our company. Please support us in this activity and keep calling us BRCGS!