Update from America

BRCGS Americas are happy to announce a new speaker added to the Food Safety Americas 2020 conference, Uber Eats. One of the biggest trends in today’s consumer is getting food delivered to your door with little to know contact with other people, also known as food ecommerce. At the Food Safety Americas 2020 conference, Uber Eats Emilie Boman, Head of Global Public Policy, will be presenting “The ecommerce of food”. This speech will be highlighting the benefits and opportunities to consumers, allowing them to select an unlimited range of products and ready to eat meals straight to their door (even by drone). With more choice comes more risks, however, Boman will discuss where the responsibility lies to ensure food safety. This includes implication, best practices and procedures that need to evolve. 

If your organization is looking for a new opportunity to get in a room with other organizations in the food industry, you should consider becoming a sponsor for the Food Safety Americas 2020 Conference. Maneesh Sebastian, Senior Account Executive of the Americas team, is a networking extraordinaire! Maneesh connects professionals across North America to help them meet industry standards, develop partnerships and helps create a meaningful experience at the Food Safety Americas Conference. Maneesh will help your organization with custom sponsorship options and get you connected with the right people. Email Maneesh.sebastian@brcgs.com for more details.

The Americas team are hosting a webinar series!

We began in August with Gluten Free Issue 3 Updates and in September on the Insight tool. If you missed these webinars, you have a second chance to see them on our BRCGS YouTube Channel.
This Autumn, we will be hosting webinars on the Professional Program and START! To mix things up, we will also be releasing blogs or videos on various topics such as Food Safety Culture Excellence, Storage and Distribution Issue 3 and more.

If you have a topic, you’d like to learn about from the Americas team, email enquiries@brcgs.com and we will update you on upcoming content.

Earlier in September the Issue 1 Plant Based Certification Program has been released for public consultation and is now closed. BRCGS will take the comments and suggestions into consideration and will announce the official release of the standard after examination.