The International Advisory Board of BRC Global Standards wishes to extend its portfolio to include a Global Standard for Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing that users can implement alongside our other standards. This Standard can also be used on its own for sites that are not currently certificated by BRC Global Standards.

We intend to be one of the first ethical standards to achieve the Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative Benchmark Criteria, giving our new product the same kind of endorsement that we achieved for our Food Safety standard through the Global Food Safety Initiative.

So as well as developing the Global Standard for Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing in alignment with the SSCI Benchmark Criteria, we have also included the requirements of the Ethical Trading Initiative’s Base Code, the relevant International Labour Organisation’s Conventions and the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. BRC Global Standards also recognises that other standards such as SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) have been adopted by many specifiers, brands and retailers to manage the risks in their supply chains. In recognition of this, we have aligned the requirements of the Global Standard with those of SMETA.

To differentiate the new Global Standard, we will harness BRC Global Standards’ established Compliance Management function to underpin its delivery, ensuring that issues such as auditor quality, consistency and the assurance of nonconformity closure are managed robustly.  A further differentiating factor will relate to the way that BRC Global Standards implements the ETRS standard, where we will develop a programme that will help the sites and suppliers that meet the requirements of the ETRS Global Standard to go beyond compliance and improve their overall sustainability performance.