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Gluten-Free Certification Program

Gluten-Free Certification Program

Help and guidance

If you have queries about how to interpret Issue 3 of the Gluten-Free Standard or how it's audited, or you have any questions, comments or requests, the BRCGS Certification Programmes team are here to help.

Please contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

register your interest for the Gluten-Free Certification Program

Before registering for the program please be sure to speak with a Gluten-Free Certification Program representative to confirm you understand all costs related to the program certification process.

Discover training and education for your entire team

BRCGS offers professional, cost-effective online training to meet the requirements of your gluten-free, allergen and food safety regulatory and customer required certification programs.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team dedicated to creating and delivering online, virtual and in-person courses that enable you to receive the practical knowledge and skills you require to perform, at your best.




One of the first steps in preparing for an audit is a self-assessment or gap analysis to identify areas for additional preparation. BRCGS has developed a self-assessment tool to assist with this process which is available in several languages.

Position statementS

During the lifetime of a published Global Standard, the BRCGS Technical Advisory Committees may be asked to either review the wording of a clause in the Standard or to provide an interpretation of a requirement or rule.

The decision made by the Technical Advisory Committee is known as a Position Statement. Position Statements are binding on the way the audit and certification process is carried out, and are seen as an extension to the Global Standard.

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