If you're at an early stage of developing effective systems and processes to manage risk associated with manufacturing packaging materials, or you're not ready for the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials yet, you may want to think about using the BRCGS Global Markets Programme.

It’s been designed to encourage the development of best practices in factories where product safety, hygiene and quality systems for packaging are still developing.

This programme incorporates all of the main features of the Global Standard including:

  • Audits by BRCGS approved auditors with reports of audit outcomes.
  • Audits based on the full Global Standard.
  • Listing on the BRCGS Directory as a Global Markets Basic or Intermediate level site.
  • Access to your audit reports in the secure log-in section of the BRCGS Directory.
  • Interim reporting allowing you to understand the hygiene, safety and quality controls in place, and areas identified for further development.

The programme uses the requirements of the high hygiene category, but the programme can be used for sites that manufacture any type of material for any application.