Storage and Distribution Issue 4 Working Group - Call for Participation 


BRCGS would like to invite food safety professionals to participate in Storage and Distribution Standard Technical Working Group. This group is set to carry out Issue 3 standard review, to share expertise and best practices for the purpose of understanding industry-specific risks and establish auditable requirements.

The role of the working group:

Technical Working Group must provide an objective review of best practices in the global logistics industry in response to recent food safety issues in this industry, any new technological advancements and transport flows that have emerged since Issue 3, to evaluate and assess related food safety risks, regulatory and audit gaps.

Key deliverables:

  • Define the risks and best practices to mitigate them
  • Identify and map references from the relevant recognized industry standards / initiatives, best practices from the private sector and existing regulatory practices
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for further review beyond the current scope.


Selection Criteria:

Successful candidates must have detailed knowledge and experience related to the logistics industry and / or at least one of the areas below:

  • Food safety management / hygiene / microbiology
  • Supply chain management / traceability and recall
  • Cold and hot chain management
  • Automation and Digitalisation
  • E-commerce business models
  • Packaging / shipping systems


Why Join?

  • Participating in a BRCGS Working Group provides incredible networking opportunities with food safety professionals from a variety of backgrounds while working on emerging food safety concerns.



Applicants must be employed by an organization that supports BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard and agrees to sponsor their participation in the Local WG. All costs and expenses for participants participating in all activities must be covered by the organizations that they represent.

Length of Working Group: 4- 6 months

Frequency of meetings and commitment: One Face-to-Face Meeting each in the UK and US for local WG members to attend followed by at least one meetings each month in the UK and will be more frequent towards the end of the WG. Conference calls may take place between meetings. Presence to these meetings either in person or by conference calls for the length of the working group is compulsory.

How to Apply for this Working Group?

A maximum of 20 members will be chosen, comprised of retailers, producers, accreditation bodies / certification bodies, service providers and academics.

Applications close on 1 January 2020. Only candidates who have been selected will be contacted. Invitations along with a terms of reference will be sent out in early January 2020.

To apply, please fill out this application form