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ESG Lead provides access to the best practices of your industry to understand the actions that would be most appropriate for your own ESG needs. You can then put together a meaningful and relevant action plan, aligned to your own ESG targets and goals. As you advance, you can choose who to share your improvements with.

The platform makes it simple and cost-effective to learn, evaluate, advance and disclose ESG performance. Unlike other platforms or ESG rating systems, ESG Lead provides critical insight and actionable steps, enabling you to drive change and improve ESG performance within your own organisation and your supply chain network.

The LEAD process

A complete solution to organisations of any scale to understand their ESG impact and implement steps for continuous improvement within their own organisation and their supply chain.


Identify which ESG best practices can help you improve your sustainability performance. about the importance of business performance as it relates to sustainability and resilience. Identify both yours and your supply chain's performance against the template of what good looks like.


Upload your data, identify areas to target, and accelerate improvement to close the gaps. Compare yourself with peers.


Use the platform to build targeted action plans based on curated best practices. Implement actions designed to deliver continuous improvement.


Share ESG metrics and improvement plans with your customers to demonstrate your performance.

You can also discover improvements at scale by inviting your suppliers to participate and enable the measurement of ESG impact across the entire supply chain.


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