Insight - certification bodies

In partnership with Trace One we've introduced an analytics module providing a fantastic insight into your business.

Insight includes a free introductory module available to certification bodies to help track auditor activity.

The module provides dashboards you can use to look at the patterns of non-conformities raised by your auditors. For example, types of non-conformities, frequency, numbers of non-conformities and grades.

This can then be used to help in the calibration and training of your auditors and to identify trends. The information is also used by BRCGS as part of our KPI process.

In addition to the free compliance module, Insight also offers modules which provide greater market information and the opportunity for certification bodies to use data for marketing purposes including:

  • Design of training courses based on common non-conformities.
  • Improving efficiency by reviewing late uploads and certificates.
  • Reviewing quality and safety trends.
  • Comparing booked audits with audit due or certificate issue dates.
  • Measuring and benchmarking performance of sites.
  • Predicting common issues by Standard, category and market using a minimum of five years of non-conformity data.
  • Understanding your market share.
  • Seeing which sites were lost to competitors.

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