Why Choose the BRCGS Programme?

Brand owners are focused on product integrity more than ever before. At BRCGS, we set the benchmark for best practice manufacturing, helping to provide reassurance that products and services are high quality, legal and safe.

We have a track record of developing Standards to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients, and we are recognised across food and non-food categories to be the global standard underpinning brand reputation through compliance, at over 30,000 certificated sites in 130 countries. We are therefore well placed to apply the same rigorous assurance principles with the Ethical Trading and Responsible Sourcing programme.

According to Dr David Bek, from the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University in the UK, there are several assurance schemes around, often under the guise of ethical trade, however he notes that these schemes under-perform. Academics, journalists and consultants have exposed major shortcomings which has led to disparities between stakeholder expectations and realities on the ground.

The BRCGS Programme provides:

  • An assurance scheme that is operated to our 5 layers of compliance to deliver results that Brand Owners can trust. This involves a comprehensive and stringent range of initiatives which, together, form our quality assurance process including performance management of delivery partners and auditors, and online platforms to capture issues and trends.
  • Graded suppliers and annual measurement of supplier continual improvement
  • Identification and correction of all non conformities within a specific time frame
  • Working towards global oversight from recognised accreditation bodies (ISO/IEC 17021-1
  • Application for recognition with the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI)


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