Why choose BRCGS Food Safety Culture Excellence?

While cultural change usually takes a long time, the pandemic has required businesses to implement change in a short space of time. As we enter the process of business restart and post-Covid-19 recovery, it is more important than ever to introduce measures to mitigate risks and challenges to compliance, and to provide the additional assurance that brands are seeking.

Culture requirements are included in our Standards, position now adopted by GFSI. The lack of a culture plan is the main non-conformity found in sites and a growing number of companies are also taking a greater interest in cultural performance as they seek additional assurance from their suppliers. A growing number of Regulators are also including Food Safety Culture requirements, for example, in the European Commission (Regulation (EC) No 852/2004) and the US (US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A recent revision to HACCP and the Codex Alimentarius states that food manufacturers must “Build a positive food safety culture by demonstrating their commitment to providing safe and suitable food and encouraging appropriate food safety practices;” This revision introduces the food safety culture concept as a general principle to increase awareness and improve the behavior of employees in establishments.

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