Food Safety Issue 9 launched 01 August 2022

First published in 1998, this standard helps food manufacturers focus on a wide range of areas including HACCP, traceability, food fraud prevention, management commitment, and food safety culture. There has been a year-on-year increase in the recognition of the Standard, which has seen it grow to become the largest global food safety programme, impacting over US$800bn of product sales.

By reviewing our standards, we can ensure that they incorporate the latest industry trends and operations, practical experiences and best practices from the industry. The revision process enables us to keep up to date with evolving expectations, regulatory requirements and consumer needs. It provides the opportunity to build on the value that our customers and stakeholders gain from the use of our Standards. This value was confirmed in a recent study carried out by the University of Birkbeck.

Issue 9 was launched on 01 August 2022. Certificated sites can access a free copy via BRCGS Participate or alternatively, it can be purchased on the BRCGS Store. You may also be interested in the Interpretation Guideline.



Two core themes of the new issue are developing food safety culture and building core competencies. Both of which we explore further in the articles below:


Launch Webinars

BRCGS will be delivering launch webinars on the key changes in Issue 9, as well as collaborating with a number of partner organisations in a series of webinars covering a range of languages and time zones.


Food Safety Issue 9 Training

BRCGS and its global network of approved training partners have developed new training courses for Food Safety Issue 9. There are conversion courses for auditors, sites, and full Issue 9 training for those who are completely new to the Standard.


Issue 9 Transition Timeline

As with all revisions of the Global Standards, there must be a transition period between consultation, publication of the complete, finalised Standard and full implementation of the Standard. Therefore:

  • Issue 9 will be published in August 2022
  • Certification against Issue 9 will commence in audits from 1 February 2023.