Why Choose Gluten-Free?

Research & consumer motivations

If you are considering certification, you know that Gluten-Free foods are in demand for retailers' shelves. Here are some resources on current trends and motivations across the globe for consumers needing gluten-free products.



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Global Gluten Free Products (Food) Market Size Will Reach USD 36 Billion by 2026: Facts & Factors

Intrado-Global News Wire 

Consumer focus: CCA Brochures

Canadian Celiac Association

Consumer focus: Common Food Safety Questions

Beyond Celiac

Consumer focus: Research papers



Reduce your Risk


The Gluten-Free Certification Program is a standard developed with a set of requirements founded upon proven, globally recognized, and science-based food preventative safety protocols. As opposed to other gluten-free claims, the GFCP Standard does not rely solely on analytical testing results.

A GFCP-certificated facility/site verifies its existing Gluten-Free Management System annually, conducted by a trained and approved auditor, who is employed by an ISO accredited and GFCP licensed third-party certification body.

Grow your Business


The Gluten-Free Certification Program provides the business opportunity to leverage certification and gain access to the continually growing gluten-free market by facilitating and enabling key relationships with manufacturers, brands, retailers and consumers.

Build Trust and Loyalty


In a sensitive marketplace where consumers have no other choice but to follow a gluten-free diet for life, the GFCP provides the bridge, which helps create trust and build brand loyalty with customers.

Go to Market Effectively

Making a gluten-free claim falls into a highly regulated and scrutinized product category for people with a 'special dietary need'. Failure to consider the sensitivity of the gluten-free market in brand communications and advertising will alienate an important segment of the market and erode brand credibility.


Even the most informed consumer may unknowingly consume gluten products or ingredients due to the challenge of correctly controlling environments that may have traces of gluten. The gluten-free on-pack trademark will empower consumers to make informed choices quickly and easily. The trademark will allow brands and products to differentiate themselves. The Standard is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of gluten-free food. You can also specialize in the region you are marketing to by choosing trademarks from our partnered celiac associations.



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