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Program Overview

Presently, there is no cure for persons suffering from celiac/coeliac disease or non-celiac/coeliac gluten sensitivity or intolerance, nor is there any on the horizon. The only mitigation or treatment is a strict gluten-free diet, since more recent science indicates that mere avoidance of gluten for these persons is not enough. Only a STRICT gluten-free diet is acceptable. When correctly applied, a site’s Gluten-Free Management System will provide a very strong level of protection from failure, resulting in industry being better equipped to expand global markets and increase the availability of gluten-free products, which achieve regulatory requirements. Consumers would then benefit by increased confidence, clear recognition at point of purchase, availability and variety of choice.


The road to Gluten-Free Certification Program certification involves several steps, all of which must be taken prior to gaining certification. Read the steps outlined below carefully to ensure you understand the process from start to finish. If you have any questions, please contact us for further information.


  • It is very important to understand all aspects of the Gluten-Free Certification Program before registering for the program. This includes the Program Benefits, Program Requirements and Fees.

  • A Registration of Interest for the Gluten-Free Certification Program is required for:

    All facilities/sites manufacturing their products currently making or wishing to provide gluten-free product assurances and claims.

    For more details on the Registration process or to complete your registration click here .

  • A signed Facility/Site Program License Agreement (PLA) is required for each facility/site producing gluten-free products and providing gluten-free assurance and claims.

    A signed Brand “Use of Trademark” Program License Agreement (PLA) is required for each brand owner producing gluten-free products and wishing to use the GFCP owned or managed trademark (s).

    Agreements outline the terms, fees and conditions regarding each party’s roles and responsibilities when engaging with the Gluten-Free Certification Program and lists the products that will be eligible to carry the Gluten-Free Certification Program trademark (s).


  • Ensure you're prepared for your audit by having all required documentation or signed agreements and a clear understanding of the requirements for the audit. To aid you in the certification process, a 'Self-evaluation Checklist' is available for your reference.

    A Gap Assessment by a Gluten-Free Certification Program consultant is recommended if this is the first third-party audit you are preparing for.

    A list of trained and experienced consultants can be found by clicking here.

  • “After completing a successful GFCP audit process the certification body will be issue the facility/site a BRCGS Gluten-Free certificate. This process may take up to six (6) weeks from your audit date, which includes time to close out non-conformances, from the audit and reporting/review.

    Annual license fees must be paid before your certificate renewal will be released by BRCGS to your certification body. Your first invoice will be issued based on your GFCP audit date. It is important to communicate this date to your GFCP representative, so the payment process does not hold up the issuing of the certificate.”

  • The GFCP is endorsed by leading celiac/coeliac consumer organizations. With an option to use their recognized certification trademarks on retail products packaging, brand owners have the option to also leverage certification with targeted marketing and communication, to reach this important segment of the global market. Download and complete a copy of the Gluten-Free Trademark Approval Form, and submit with your Schedule A and artwork to for approval. Coordinating communication efforts and initiatives is important and an added value, which the GFCP supports with its brand customers.

    Each manufacturing facility/site certified in the GFCP also benefits from a listing on the BRCGS Directory, where retailers, brand owners and manufacturers can search for sourcing ingredients and or, contract manufacturers.


  • Annual audits conducted by a GFCP licensed certification body must be performed to verify that all requirements of the GFCP are being met by each facility/site, in the program. In addition, a complete listing of gluten-free products using the GFCP owned or managed trademarks must appear on a Schedule A (which also forms part of the Brand Use of Trademark Program License Agreement (PLA)).

    To maintain an annual GFCP certification in good standing, a current Certificate must be in place for each facility manufacturing gluten-free products which display the GFCP owned or managed trademarks. Ongoing annual recertification audits must be scheduled within the 28-day audit window indicated on your GFCP Certificate.

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