About Additional Modules

In addition to the core Global Standard for Packaging Materials BRCGS has developed an additional module that can be added to the normal audit process. This offers some great customer advantages:

  • Reduce audit burden (and therefore cost) by including requirements that historically needed a separate audit; for example, second party audits.
  • Meet specific geographic or customer needs, especially when a brand owner or specifier wants additional requirements to complement the Standard.
  • Apply to particular types of operation or look in greater detail at a particular market concern.

How does it work?

When a site wants to adopt any of our additional modules they must notify their chosen certification body in advance of the BRCGS audit.

  • The Global Standard and any additional module requirements are audited together – this may increase the total duration of the audit depending on the number of requirements in the additional module.
  • Non-conformities for both the Global Standard audit and the additional module will be identified during the audit; however, non-conformities against requirements of the additional module are not included in the assessment of grading for the Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 6.
  • Non-conformities relating to the additional module must be corrected and evidence provided alongside any from the BRCGS audit.
  • There is no grading of the additional module, but rather a pass/fail.