Why Choose Plant-Based?

DP&S, a Dutch company supplying functional ingredients to the food industry, has gained certification to the Standard. Read about their motives and drivers for adopting the Standard, their experiences of going through the process, and the benefits that they are currently receiving.


Research & Consumer Motivations

If you are considering certification, you know that Plant-Based foods are in demand for retailers' shelves. Here are some resources on current trends and motivations across the globe for consumers wanting plant-based products.




European Consumer Survey on Plant-Based Foods   Proveg International  
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How plant-based meat makers put down roots for their brands   Janet Forgrieve from SmartBrief  
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Reach new customers by certifying your Plant-Based products   Paula Parejo (BRCGS), hosted by Global Food Safety Resource  

6 Reasons to choose this product

1. Better trained auditors
2. Comprehensive global compliance ensures audit consistency
3. Plant-Based complements GFSI-benchmarked Standards
4. Opens new markets and increases business opportunities
5. Identified non-conformities corrected
6. Manufacturers graded for continual improvement


Even the most informed consumer may unknowingly consume animal products or ingredients due to the challenge of correctly identifying animal-containing ingredients based on product labeling information alone. The plant-based on-pack trademark will empower consumers to make informed choices quickly and easily. The trademark will allow brands and products to differentiate themselves. The Standard is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of plant-based food. It includes operational criteria required to be in place to ensure that plant-based products are free of material of animal origin.





  • Promotes a systems-based and facility certification approach to prevent failure
  • Is founded upon proven, globally recognized, science-based claim management protocols
  • Reduces the risks associated with relying solely on end-product animal input testing
  • Complements GFSI-benchmarked Standards
  • Combine audits with all existing GFSI-benchmarked Standards
  • A global network of trained and approved certification bodies, auditors, and training providers
  • Comprehensive support package
  • Opens new markets and increases business opportunities
  • Increases the availability of plant-based product choices for a growing consumer market
  • Builds brand trust by associating plant-based consumer products with an on-pack trademark.
  • Provides marketing tools and public recognition on the BRCGS Directory



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