Sandra has 15 years of combined experience in the food industry and primary sector (agriculture) in multinational companies (food additives, bakery, dairy, meat, beverages, prepared foods and fruit vegetables), and extensive experience in Sensorial analysis, Quality Assurance, auditing, Technical Support, Training, and Improvement and implementation of Quality Systems based on GFSI (BRCGS, Primus labs, FSCC 22000, CANADA GAP) ISO 9001 and HACCP programs for Growers, Processing Plants, Cooling and Distribution Warehouses. Leading GLP (good laboratory practices) in microbiology labs, GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GAP (good agricultural practices) personal training and continuous improvement. Now CEO/Founder by Quesada Agri&Food consulting.

She’s a passionate of food Industry and had the privilege to lead, develop and implement HACCP and GFSI standard for a large vegetables company from Farms, facilities, packing, storage and distribution in the US and Canada and successfully implemented and lead as auditor an approval supplier program. Trained many people of different industries as Dairy, Meat, Bakery, fruits &vegetables and beverages and help them in their continuous improvement in process and laboratory areas, training and implementation of GFSI quality systems in English, French and Spanish. Create and lead applications and microbiology labs as technical support for South and Central America in a large food additives multinational. Work as first resource with governmental entities (CFIA, OMAFRA, FDA, USDA)

Food Engineer and chemist with Food Sciences Master at Laval University in Quebec (Canada). BRCGS training approved, several GFSI certifications, recognized knowledge in Food Safety and Hygiene by MAPAQ, projects management, Fundaments of cleaning and disinfection, HTST pasteurisation systems courses among others.

QUESADA Find solutions and engage people through appropriate understanding of systems by training in a manner to provide a healthy and safe product, if you want to give an additional value to your business and excel your product. Trilingual: Spanish, French and English.