New Zealand

Muhammad Qamar successfully completed Graduation (B. Sc. Hons. in Agriculture with Major in Food Technology), and Post-Graduation in Honours (M. Sc. Hons.) in Food Technology. He has over 15 years of work experience with renowned manufacturing, airlines catering & duty free, group of hotels & exhibition, and a certification body in regions including New Zealand, U.A.E., and Middle East region.

He is currently based in Auckland and working as Programme Specialist and Senior Auditor with a leading, Government owned Certification Body. In his professional career, he has performed over 2000 second/third party audits covering almost all major sectors/clusters including fresh produce, farms, poultry products, meat products, raw-ready to eat foods, smoked/cured products, sausage manufacturing, fats & oils, dairy products, cereals, read to eat meals/catering, fruits & vegetable processing, beverages and water processing, confectionary, storage & distribution, agents & brokers, food packaging, industrial packaging, etc. In addition to BRCGS Food, Muhammad is also a Lead Auditor for several other standards/schemes e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, FSSC 22000, HACCP, second party schemes, and several regulatory standards.

As an approved trainer and master trainer, Muhammad has conducted over 500 sessions including advanced courses for food safety, HACCP, Train the Trainer courses, and Lead Auditor courses for management systems. He has also provided consultancy to a number of businesses in food safety, regulatory compliance, EHS, and Sustainability. Muhammad has also presented as a Speaker at several International conferences, symposia, technical sessions, seminars, panel discussions etc. including forums organized by GFSI, NZIFST DIFSC, etc.

Muhammad has also served as a member of scientific panels, steering committee, technical working groups etc. with various prestigious institutions e.g. GFSI, IAFP, NZIFST, local authorities in UAE etc.