All our businesses have been impacted and we recently published a suite of new solutions to provide reassurance that suppliers are still operating to high safety and quality levels. We have worked closely with our International Advisory Boards and other Brands who use BRCGS who have welcomed these solutions. There is acceptance that in cases where a site cannot have a physical audit (as proven by the delivery partner) and their extended certificate is about to expire, then a remote audit will be accepted. We recommend that an auditor with prior knowledge of the site would be best placed to conduct such an audit.

Further information is available in our October 2020 update for Delivery Partners which sets out the Audit options for sites under restrictions.


We have established an order of preference in the type of audit applicable for a site with our International Advisory Boards, ranked from 1 to 3, in that order:

1. Announced, Unannounced, Blended Audit – For sites that are available for an onsite audit. Blended is applicable for existing sites only. GFSI benchmarked

2. Certificate Extension (existing sites only) – For sites where access is not possible due to Covid-19 restrictions and an audit is due. GFSI benchmarked

3. Remote audit – For sites with an expiring certificate extension or expired during 2020. This would be determined by the customer/brand and there may be an expectation that a full onsite audit would be carried out during the following 12 months. Fully accredited


The list below shows just some of the brands that support this initiative and, in principle, will accept a BRCGS remote audit for sites still compromised.