Use of BRCGS intellectual property

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the ownership of any and all rights including intellectual property rights associated with training materials, publications, analyses, processes, databases, know-how, confidential information arising as a result of BRCGS providing the services, shall remain vested in BRCGS.

Publications in a PDF format are issued on the basis that it is being licensed to a sole named user who is permitted to install a single electronic copy of it for use on a single computer. Such user may print off a single hard copy. Further reproduction of the single printed copy is not permitted.

Material issued in hard copy may not be additionally copied into any format, electronic or otherwise.

Users of BRCGS publications and content should seek permission if they wish to:

  • use any content in design template applications intended for resale, whether online or not, including website templates, Flash templates, and brochure design templates
  • use any content in products for resale, license, or other distribution for profit
  • use any content as part of a trademark, trade name, business name, service mark, or logo
  • use content in any products designed for training or general guidance
  • sublicense, resell, rent, lend, assign, gift, or otherwise transfer or distribute BRCGS content
  • install or use content in more than one server location at a time, or post a copy of BRCGS content on a network or web server for use by other users
  • use or display BRCGS content in an electronic format that enables it to be downloaded or distributed via mobile devices, or shared in any peer-to-peer or similar file sharing arrangement
  • either individually or in combination with others, reproduce BRCGS content, or element of content, more than the quantity allowed under any fair use understanding
  • Translate the whole or any part of the publication or content.


No part of our publications or content may be:

  • transmitted or reproduced in any form (including photocopying or storage in any medium by electronic means), without written permission
  • used in a way that denotes endorsement by BRCGS
  • used in a fashion that BRCGS, or any governmental or law, reasonably considers pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory, or libellous, or that would be reasonably likely to bring any person or property into disrepute
  • Translated without written permission from BRCGS.


Application for permissions should be addressed to:

Head of Publishing


Second Floor

7 Harp Lane

London, EC3R 6DP


Can I use BRCGS content?