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About the BRCGS Consultants scheme

The BRCGS Consultants scheme was developed to help manufacturers achieve and maintain BRCGS certification, with Consultants acting as a link between BRCGS and the site.

With their skills, knowledge and experience, a BRCGS Consultant can be a huge benefit on your journey towards gaining certification. You'll have the assurance that your Consultant is up-to-date with the Global Standards and is able to consult with professionalism, integrity and competence.

What can a BRCGS Consultant do for you?

  • Provide advice on implementing the BRCGS certification programme.
  • A pre-assessment to determine your requirements.
  • Provide advice on developing a written plan and timeline for implementation.
  • A review of existing practices and procedures and suggestions for improvement.
  • Provide advice on setting up management systems including record-keeping.
  • Ongoing guidance for technical and quality teams.

What are the benefits of using a BRCGS Consultant?

  • Access to an industry expert with experience in your sector who can offer practical advice.
  • A professional who is always available to provide support to the management team when operational reviews or testing is required.
  • An expert who works closely with the BRCGS Technical team, so receives first-hand advice from the team in charge of the scheme.
  • Someone with a thorough understanding of the Global Standards and what’s needed for certification.
  • Some BRCGS Consultants are also trainers, so can help you and your team with your training needs too.

How are Consultants selected for the scheme?

To maintain and safeguard the integrity of the BRCGS, it's essential our Consultants meet strict criteria if they want to achieve registration, including:

  • Rigorous background checks to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge.
  • The completion of BRCGS training on requirements and auditing.
  • Education to degree level in the relevant sector of the Global Standard.
  • A minimum of five years’ sector experience.

Find a BRCGS Consultant.

How to become a BRCGS Consultant

To become a BRCGS Consultant you need to be able to demonstrate, through your qualifications and work experience, a satisfactory level of knowledge and expertise in the sector you want work in.

The criteria to become a BRCGS Consultant, for each of the Global Standards, is highlighted in the application form.

As a minimum you will need:

  • a degree or equivalent in a field relevant to the Global Standard you want to consult for;
  • successful completion of a registered QMS Lead Auditor course or equivalent;
  • a minimum of five years’ experience in the relevant sector; and
  • evidence of previous consulting experience and at least two references from companies.


Initial assessment fee (non-refundable) £150  
Annual renewal £300