Enhance your operation with BRCGS Retail Certification

Retailers have realised significant value by specifying certification through improved supplier operational controls. The Global Standard for Retail provides retailers with the same value for their own operations. It provides a platform for retailers to manage their operations with a view to reducing losses through regulatory fines, product wastage, operational shrink, and customer litigation through moving from a pure inspection based control methodology to one that involves both audits of management systems combined with assessment of practices and inspection.

The standard sets out the requirements for companies in the food retail supply chain that provide services for the sourcing, purchase, importation, distribution, preparation, and retailing of products. The companies may also own their own processing, storage, or distribution facilities but these facilities are certificated to relevant production or storage and distribution standards.

The Standard also assists companies and their customers in meeting the legislative requirements for food and product safety. Legislation covering food and product safety differs in detail worldwide but generally requires businesses to:

  • ensure they satisfy themselves that their suppliers are competent to deliver and produce the specified product, comply with legal requirements, and operate appropriate systems of management control
  • verify the competence of their suppliers or receive the result of any other audit of the supplier’s system at a frequency based on risk
  • monitor and act upon customer complaints.