Virtual and in-person classroom learning

Putting you at the forefront of today's standards.


The BRCGS Academy has been delivering classroom training courses focused on the BRCGS Global Standards for over twenty years. We have an experienced expert team dedicated to creating and delivering interactive courses that enable you to consolidate and apply your learning, whether you attend in person or virtually.

Our classroom courses provide an in-depth understanding of the requirements of our global standards including hazard and risk management, product safety management and culture. Our training goes beyond the theory, giving you valuable real-world insights through the use of case studies and scenarios. We provide high-quality, consistent training and development at every level of your organisation, anywhere in the world.

  • Network with peers and share ideas with others in a similar position

  • Learn from the experts and active practitioners in the sector

  • Gain practical and real-life insight into the standards to help you maintain compliance

  • Enjoy the same content and interactive delivery whether you join our classroom in person or virtually 


Our courses are delivered globally and through our approved partner network, which operates across 47 countries, you will find training options available for most regions, languages and locations. 

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