Audit & Site Sharing

The BRCGS Directory allows audit owners to enable direct access to their audit reports and certificates in PDF.

After sharing has been configured, the recipient will have access to:

  • Associated audit documents (including the certificate) in PDF
  • Data relating to reasons for expiry, suspension, withdrawal
  • Email notification alerts for certification status changes
  • Exportable reporting in csv and excel consolidating data for all shared audits


All shared audit records can be accessed on the Audits page following sign-in.

Audit reports & certificates in PDF can be downloaded from the Menu tool in the relevant audit record.

After sharing is configured, recipients will automatically have access to subsequent audits as and when they become available (until sharing is cancelled by the audit owner).

To share your audit record on the Directory:

  • Sign in to the Directory and open the Audits page
  • Locate the audit record to be shared (using either the site code, site name or auditID)
  • Select the quick menu tool on the right-hand side of the audits list, followed by Sharing
  • Enter the ID of the company you wish to share the audit with (or search by name)
  • Tick Share in the right-hand column to complete the process
  • To share your site record with a Certification body on the Directory
  • Sign in to the Directory and open the Companies page
  • Open the sites tab and locate the site record to be shared (using either the site code, site or site name)
  • Open the record via the orange Site Code text
  • Open the Menu tool in the top right corner of the site page and choose ‘Sharing’ to open the sharing selection page
  • Enter the name CB you wish to share the site record with. Once located, select Share from the right-hand column


The CB will now be able to edit the site record and create audit records for the shared site.

User Guidance Materials

More information on how to use the Directory for sites, suppliers & companies is available to download here.


If you require assistance using the Directory, please complete this form.