Can I use BRCGS content?

This page provides answers to common questions related to the use of BRCGS content. If you do not find the answer to your question, contact

We are a certificated site. Can we send one of your documents around to everyone in our organisation?

BRCGS titles are issued on a single-user license.

A certificated site who had paid for a document can distribute the item to 5 colleagues. Distribution is on the basis that the colleagues share the same email suffix and agree not to forward further.

A free download cannot be sent on to anyone.

We are certificated. Can we share BRCGS publications with our auditor?

Our material should not be shared with anyone outside the certificated site.

Please ask your auditor to download any material required from BRCGS Participate, purchase from the BRCGS Store or obtain the material via your certification body.

We are not yet certificated. Can we send one of your documents to everyone in our organisation?

No. BRCGS titles are issued on a single-user license. As you are not yet certificated, can we ask you to contact BRCGS before you forward the item on further.

As a certification body, can we send one of your titles to clients on our mailing list?

No. Please feel free to tell your clients about BRCGS titles but direct them to the BRCGS Store for copies. Certificated sites can find titles on BRCGS Participate.

Position statements can be found in the standards pages of the BRCGS website and on Participate.

I provide training on BRCGS Standards. Can I reproduce parts of the title within the training?

If you are a BRCGS approved training partner please contact our training team for our official training notes.

If you are not a BRCGS approved training partner, please contact for more details.

I am a consultant and offer guidance to supply chain experts on BRCGS Standards. I would like to reproduce your documents on my website. Is this OK?

We are pleased to see you discussing BRCGS Standards but would prefer you to provide a link to our documents rather than reproduce them. This would be a good link to use

If this does not work with your content, please contact BRCGS.

I am a certification body. Can I produce content from your publications in my marketing?

BRCGS has no problem with a certification body using sections of our content in marketing. However, the sections should be short, must not change the original meaning or be used in a way that could damage the BRCGS brand.

I would like to use BRCGS content in a book/article/website/research. Is this OK?

Provided the material you are quoting is within fair use limits this is fine. This would cover roughly 5% of a document. We would ask you to credit BRCGS for the content you use. If you have any question please contact BRCGS and let us know what content you are using and we will advise you.

I am an auditor. Can I reproduce material and share it with my clients?

Please ask your clients to download a copy of the material from BRCGS Participate or purchase from the Store.

Can I upload BRCGS PDFs or content onto our website for other users to download and read?

Uploading BRCGS material to a public website breaks copyright. No part of our publications can be transmitted or reproduced in any form without our permission. If you need permission, please contact BRCGS.

I would like to translate your material. Is this OK?

If you wish to translate BRCGS content for external or internal use before translating the BRCGS publication into another language, please contact BRCGS, in advance, for written permission and requirements. You will be responsible for all costs and expenses related to the translation, including BRCGS’ costs and expenses.

If you are not a BRCGS certification body or approved trainer please contact BRCGS.