A globally trusted Plant-Based Certification

The market for plant based certification is growing rapidly and is forecast to reach $74bn by 2027. This is being driven by the rise of the conscientious consumer seeking diets that are healthier, have a lower environmental impact, or are more ethically sourced. Consumers don’t trust labels that merely suggest a product is ‘free from’, and so brand owners need to build trust. There is a need for greater transparency about claims made and for robust systems and processes that reduce cross contamination. As a result, the demand for globally recognised certification is forecast to grow in line with market demand.

BRCGS is the leading global authority for developing and delivering industry and science-based ‘free from’ programs​ that deliver trust, confidence and assurance.​ The plant based certification programme is based on a comprehensive management system approach  and  provides a  framework  for manufacturers    to    assist    them    in    the production of plant-based food. It includes operational criteria required to be in place to  ensure  that  plant-based  products  are free of material of animal origin. It can be applied as a simple add-on to any GFSI benchmarked Food Standard or Global Markets Program (intermediate level).