A trademark that inspires consumer confidence

The plant-based on-pack trademark empowers consumers to make informed choices quickly and easily. The trademark allows brands and products to differentiate themselves and remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

Consumers don’t trust labels alone that merely suggest a product is plant based. Brand owners need to build trust with consumers​. The use of an on pack trademark is a tool for consumers to develop trust in a brand by a quick label​.

The Informed Trademark is globally recognized and trusted, providing manufacturers and brands with a mechanism to be transparent about the claims, healthiness, and quality of their products.

For Manufacturers

Certificated manufacturers can sign a license to use the Trademark on product packaging. Manufacturers can sign a license agreement with BRCGS to use the Trademark.

For Brands

Brands and specifiers are able to use the Trademark if they wish to mandate the BRCGS Plant-Based Standard in their supply chain. There is no cost, however, the organisation must sign the license agreement with BRCGS.

Certificated Sites

Note for Plant-Based certified sites: Please contact labels@brcgs.com to request the BRCGS Informed Plant-Based trademark artwork files for use on product packaging.