BRCGS is operated by a Board and a Management Team. The organisation receives strategic and technical input from an International Advisory Board (IAB), represented by international retailers, food service companies and manufacturers. There are three Regional IABs based in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.  

Technical input into the portfolio of BRCGS' Global Standards are managed through Technical Advisory Committees, consisting of industry representatives. These committees provide guidance on technical policy, application and development of the Standards, and industry feedback. 

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Global Standards and associated schemes are managed by the BRCGS Technical Team and governed through a number of technical committees, each of which works to a set of defined terms of reference. These committees provide a forum for input from various bodies and individuals with an interest in product safety, for example manufacturing trade associations, retailers and food service companies, regulatory bodies, accreditation bodies, certification bodies, and sector experts. 

International Advisory Board (IAB)

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is made up of organisations that have an interest in the development, implementation and maintenance of BRCGS' Global Standards. The IAB consists of leading retailers and producers with a global reach and reputation, and provides strategic and technical input.

Three Regional IABs, based in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific have been established to ensure that input is captured on a global basis. The IAB is headed by an independent Chairman with a global understanding of Global Standards and Product Safety. The current Chairman is Geoff Spriegel.


The role of the IABs are to:

  • To review and advise upon strategic issues relevant to the development of the Global Standards with a view to protecting and enhancing their global reputation.
  • To advise on threats to, and opportunities for, the growth and development of the Global Standards.
  • To review performance of all aspects of the Global Standards, receive reports on internal compliance and advise on procedures to protect the integrity of the schemes.
  • To direct and review activities of the Technical Advisory Committees as appropriate.