Contact Information

Suppliers, Companies and BRCGS audited sites

For updates to audit & site data, including contacts


Please contact your auditing Certification Body directly to discuss:

  • Audit document availability, accuracy and content
  • To request adjustments to previously administrated audit reports and certificates
  • For updates to contact names and associated details
  • Directory user account requests


To request a company username and password to access the Directory, please complete this form.

Please do not use this form if you are a retailer, non-certified manufacturer, certification Body, government function or accreditation body.



To request a BRCGS Supplier Logo please complete this form.

Assistance & Queries

If you require assistance using the Directory or would like to ask a question about it, please complete this form.

Please do not use this form if you represent a BRCGS approved Certification Body.

Directory service level and procedure

Please use the forms provided above in all instances as emails cannot be tracked to completion and may not reach the correct team.

All Directory access and logo requests must be submitted via the forms listed above, and will not be accepted via email.

Requests for Directory access and certificated site logos are assessed for identity verification prior to issuing credentials.

If you are not named on an audit document, your access request must be endorsed by someone who is.

The Directory services team cannot amend any audit or certificate content and will defer any requests of that nature to the auditing certification body.

The Directory services Team opens Monday to Friday, 09.00am to 17.00pm GMT. Requests received outside of those hours will be processed the next working day and in order of receipt.

All requests are assessed and fulfilled where possible by 17.00pm on the working day of receipt. Please do not re-submit requests within a 24-hour period.