BRCGS Consultants

The BRCGS Consultants scheme has been designed to help with the implementation of the Global Standards. Consultants are a link between BRCGS and manufacturing sites, and they have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve and maintain your certification.

The BRCGS Consultants scheme also provides recognition for industry experts who meet the rigorous criteria as laid out by the scheme. By selecting a BRCGS Consultant, you can rest assured they will have a thorough understanding of the most recent Global Standards.

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More information about the scheme and how to become a BRCGS Consultant.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure Consultants meet the strict requirements of the scheme, BRCGS accepts no liability for the consultancy service/advice provided by the BRCGS Consultants to any organisation.

BRCGS will not be responsible for the consequences of any actions taken by a company on the basis of the information provided by the BRCGS Consultant.

If, for some reason, the company does not pass BRCGS Certification after following the recommendations of the BRCGS Consultant, BRCGS cannot be held liable.