Creating an environment where excellence is second nature, not just a process.

Many organisations invest heavily in food safety training, system implementation and auditing, but often miss culture, which is critical to ensure the effective implementation of product safety management systems.

Culture sits at the heart of your business and is reflected in the values felt and demonstrated by people at all levels. It’s something that an organisation is, rather than something an organisation has. It is proven that excellence in food safety culture ultimately leads to high quality products, increased customer trust, and the sustained success of a food business. This is why we are seeing lots of global regulations emerging around culture.

As culture is behaviour-based, measuring it has been notoriously difficult until now. Developed with Taylor Shannon International, an industry leader in the field of food safety, management, education and organisational culture, the BRCGS Food Safety Culture Excellence (FSCE) assessment provides a simple way to convert this broad concept into a measurable score and actionable analysis. In short, FSCE is helping you to set new standards in the food industry.

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