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Food Safety Culture Excellence

How it works and getting access

How it works

The BRCGS Food Safety Culture Excellence (FSCE) assessment captures, measures and categorises cultural data, providing results across over 80 data points, including a total, scores for four categories and 20 dimensions, plus strengths, weaknesses, barriers, positives and industry benchmarking.

BRCGS Food Safety Culture Excellence four categories and twenty dimensions

Data is captured from your employees through a short survey, which can be in one of 66 languages, which provides a report pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses on a dedicated reporting platform by TSI. This will allow you to set out an improvement plan to strengthen culture within your organisation.

How to get access to the FSCE assessment

There are four different packages for sites to choose to access the FSCE assessment.

1. FSCE Basic

Exclusively available free of charge to BRCGS certificates sites entitled to the service package, this level allows six employee survey respondents and the subsequent assessment report focuses on two dimensions. It will not provide enough data or analysis for a full culture assessment but it will provide valuable insights for you to think about.

2. FSCE Standard

Designed for a single site and includes an auto-generated online reporting of 80+ data points and industry benchmarking

3. FSCE Premium

Designed for multi-site businesses and includes customisation options and workshops.

4. FSCE Enterprise

Full supply chain assessment with industry benchmarking and workshops.



Eligibility and sign up for FSCE Basic

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