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Global Standard for Retail Issue 1

Global Standard for Retail Issue 1

  • SKU: 978-1-78490-301-5

  • Publish Date: 01 September 2016

  • Size: A4

  • Publisher: BRCGS

The Global Standard for Retail Issue 1 has been developed to provide a framework to manage product safety, quality, and legality for businesses in the food retail industry which buy and sell products. These companies play an essential role in the delivery and trade of products, providing a critical link in their chain of custody. They can influence product safety and quality standards at their suppliers and are responsible for maintaining an effective chain of traceability, as well as managing the safety and integrity of products in their care. Where activities include importation there are in many cases specific legal obligations with regard to the products which they import and requirements to maintain records which may later be requested by authorities.

The format and content of the Standard is designed to allow an assessment of a company’s product safety management systems and procedures by a competent third party—the certification body—against the requirements of the Standard.

It is a requirement that all suppliers undergoing a BRCGS audit to the Global Standard for Retail Issue 1 have access to an official copy of this Standard.