Want-Want group China has partnered with BRCGS, the leading global consumer protection organisation in the food sector, to become the first corporate partner in China to embed its Professional learning and development programme within its team. BRCGS Professional is a globally recognised programme that develops the skills of those working in the food sector and enhances product safety management practices. With over 11,000 professionals from 188 counties enrolled in the programme, it is one of the largest product safety management communities in the world.

Want-want chose to become a corporate partner of the BRCGS Professional scheme to further demonstrate its commitment to quality and safety and provide additional learning and development opportunities for their team. Established in 1962 in Taiwan China, Want-Want is now one of the most well-known food brands in China and the 60 countries worldwide in which its products are sold. It has 33 production sites producing over 2,600 product lines from candy, drinks to milk.

Want-Want recognises BRCGS as providing the leading global food safety system programme, which sets a benchmark for quality and results that Brands can trust. The global recognition and acceptance of BRCGS Standards provides the Group with an effective license for export to overseas markets.

BRCGS is an established global standards leader, with rigorous assurance programmes that touch every aspect of the supply chain - from food ingredients to packaging, distribution, retail and beyond. It sets the benchmark for best practice manufacturing, helping to provide reassurance that products and services are high quality, legal and safe. BRCGS is recognised across food and non-food categories as the global standard underpinning brand reputation through compliance, at over 30,000 certificated sites in 130 countries.

The team at Want-Want have now completed the BRCGS programme with 10 staff successfully graduating in August. Speaking of this huge achievement a Want-Want Spokesperson said

"The training courses we attended to complete the BRCGS Professional programme were strictly conducted by a BRCGS Approved Training Partner (ATP). These are local training providers that have been approved by BRCGS to deliver BRCGS content and allowed us to have training in our local timezone and language. The courses included global standard training, risk assessment and root cause analysis which gave us a comprehensive understanding of effective food safety management. The course design is very scientific. There are not only knowledge points, but also lots of exercises and homework, which helped us to understand the content quicker and more comprehensively.

The most commendable part of the programme is that BRCGS Professional is not a one-time training course, it is continuous learning which must be renewed every two years.

The BRCGS Professional programme has developed the skillset of our team and provided us with our own BRCGS experts to ensure the operation of an effective food safety management system, which is compliant with the Global Standard. This programme can help companies with a longer-term training plan for the continuous improvement and development of staff skills and to recognise the high performers. It is also good for building food safety culture across the group.”

Rob Moss, Head of BRCGS Professional, said: "We are delighted to be working with Want-Want as we look enhance quality and safety within China and grow our global community of product safety professionals. Want-Want recognises the reassurance that BRCGS standards and certification provide them as a brand, and we are extremely proud to provide additional confidence by enhancing the performance of the team to provide further customer confidence in the products they deliver. For Want-Want to be the first corporate partner in the region is a significant milestone and to have so many staff graduate this month a fantastic achievement."

For further information about the BRCGS Professional programme and becoming a corporate partner, click here.