Following our submission of Issue 2 of our Global Standard for Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing for review against the SSCI criteria, we are delighted to announce that The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) has now opened a stakeholder consultation. This is one of the final stages in the benchmarking process against the SSCI Benchmarking Requirements for Processing & Manufacturing Version 1.0. and BRCGS is the first certification programme to advance to this stage in the SSCI Benchmarking Process.

John Kukoly, Director of BRCGS, said, “BRCGS is proud of our growing relationship with the SSCI, and excited to reach this step in the process and to ensure that Issue 2 of the Global Standard for Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing meets the benchmarking requirements. Benchmarking by the SSCI and ensuring our certification bodies are accredited to ISO 17021 are key elements of maintaining integrity in the certification programme. In addition, our Compliance and Integrity Framework is valued globally by specifiers as part of supply chain assurance and risk mitigation, helping to ensure BRCGS certification continues to be sought after. This is what differentiates the BRCGS Standard from others and provides a viable and credible full social compliance programme. By achieving the SSCI recognition, BRCGS knows that the Global Standard for Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing (Issue 2) will develop into another certification of excellence that will complement its well established and respected GFSI-recognised product safety standards”.

Why a Stakeholder Consultation?

This important step of the SSCI Benchmarking Process ensures its transparency and robustness, inviting interested stakeholders to review and comment on the assessment carried out by SSCI and their independent Benchmark Leaders.

How to Get Involved

For information about how to participate and the comments forms, visit The Consumer Goods Forum website. The consultation will end on 15th September 2021.