SAADET GIDA is latest company in Turkey to be awarded certification by our Delivery Partner, Intertek Turkey Business Assurance, for the BRCGS Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP). Although this is the third GFCP certification to be awarded in Turkey, it is the first GFCP certification in the Turkish confectionary industry with a scope that covers jelly, chewing gum and marshmallow product groups.


Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of gluten in their diet with one in three now avoiding or reducing their intake. As a result the gluten-free products market is growing at a rapid rate and is predicted to be worth $8.3 billion by 2025. A number of challenges must be overcome to produce safe, reliable gluten-free foods that inspire consumer confidence. These exist throughout the supply chain, from preventing cross-contamination in the production process to branding products with a gluten-free trademark that retailers and most importantly, consumers, truly trust. The BRGCS Gluten-Free Certification Program uses a scientifically proven, risk-based management systems approach for effectively controlling gluten and gluten cross-contamination from incoming ingredients to the final product. It goes further than simply carrying out end-product testing and is recognised by leading coeliac organisations around the world.

SAADET GIDA are leading the way in the confectionary industry as 91% of consumers declare that their buying decisions are impacted by third-party verification. Speaking of this achievement, Ms. Eda KOÇAK, Quality Assurance Manager at SAADET GIDA said: “We are very happy to have taken this innovative step in our sector for celiac patients, gluten intolerant and Gluten-Free consumers in Turkey. Also to have brands that are accepted and preferred in the field of food safety worldwide. This certification will enable us to create more trust between us and our consumers and will distinguish us from competing companies in the confectionery market, giving us privileges in terms of preferability.

We managed this process with the highly professional Intertek team and we were thrilled to receive the BRCGS Gluten-Free certificate after passing a smooth audit. We would like to congratulate the Intertek team and the entire team at SAADET GIDA, especially the SAADET Gıda Quality Team, for their successful management style throughout this process”.

As the certification body to award this first-time certification in Turkey, Intertek Turkey Business Assurance commented: “BRCGS is a well-known assurance program in food industry and Gluten-Free is a unique standard bringing safety and quality with a specific focus on Gluten-free products. There is an increased demand for Gluten-Free products in the food industry and certificated manufacturers are important. Intertek Business Assurance Turkey is supporting the food industry by delivering credible food assurance system certification solutions as an accredited BRCGS delivery partner. We are very proud of being trusted partner of BRCGS, and take pride in maintaining a high standard of quality and compliance in delivering assurance solutions”.

BRCGS is currently working on the revision of the Gluten-Fee Global Standard and Issue 4 is due to be published late 2023.

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