Six reasons to choose this product


1. Better trained auditors
2. Comprehensive global compliance ensures audit consistency
3. Plant-Based complements GFSI-benchmarked Standards
4. Opens new markets and increases business opportunities
5. Identified non-conformities corrected
6. Manufacturers graded for continual improvement

The Standard is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of plant-based food. It includes operational criteria required to be in place to ensure that plant-based products are free of material of animal origin.

Even the most informed consumer may unknowingly consume animal products or ingredients due to the challenge of correctly identifying animal-containing ingredients based on product labeling information alone. The plant-based on-pack trademark will empower consumers to make informed choices quickly and easily. The trademark will allow brands and products to differentiate themselves.



  • Promotes a systems-based and facility certification approach to prevent failure
  • Is founded upon proven, globally recognized, science-based claim management protocols
  • Reduces the risks associated with relying solely on end-product animal input testing
  • Complements GFSI-benchmarked Standards
  • Combine audits with all existing GFSI-benchmarked Standards
  • A global network of trained and approved certification bodies, auditors, and training providers
  • Comprehensive support package
  • Opens new markets and increases business opportunities
  • Increases the availability of plant-based product choices for a growing consumer market
  • Builds brand trust by associating plant-based consumer products with an on-pack trademark.
  • Provides marketing tools and public recognition on the BRCGS Directory



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