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The Global Standard for Consumer Products Issue 4 has been significantly revised to provide the market with an effective third party certification solution for all manufacturing sites of consumers products globally.

To cover a wide range of product categories, Issue 4 of the Standard has been divided into two parts: General Merchandise and Personal Care and Household.

Follow these easy steps to guide you through the BRCGS certification process. If you're a manufacturing site and need further help please contact us today.

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Six Steps to BRCGS Certification

Step 1 Learn

Step 2 Review

Step 3 Prepare

Step 4 Plan

Step 5 Audit and certification

Step 6 – Maintain


Step 1 Learn

  • Select the appropriate Standard: General Merchandise or Personal Care and Household.
  • Obtain a copy of the appropriate Standard and study it.
  • Interpretation Guidelines may be useful.

To view content for the BRCGS Consumer Products Issue 4 Interpretation Guideline subscribe to BRCGS Participate, our annual subscription-based service offering a wide range of benefits.

> Select a BRCGS Academy Training Course

Understanding the requirements of the Global Standard for Consumer Products

This two-day training course gives technical, quality and operations staff from manufacturers and retailers a clear understanding of the protocol and requirements of the Global Standards for Consumer Products – either General Merchandise or Personal Care and Household - including audit planning, and the events during and after the audit.


Step 2 Review

  • Perform a self-assessment gap analysis to find out what is missing or inadequate.
  • Assemble and train a team.
  • Obtain consultancy, if needed.


Self-Assessment Tools


One of the first steps in preparing for an audit is a self-assessment or gap analysis to identify areas for additional preparation.

BRCGS have developed a self-assessment tool to assist with this process. Click Here to view the relevant document.


Step 3 Prepare

  • Carry out risk assessments.
  • Establish necessary control points.
  • Prepare procedures.
  • Confirm site is capable of meeting BRCGS requirements at the chosen level of certification.
  • Undertake internal audits.

> Select a Certification Body

Search the BRCGS Directory, our unique online searchable database to find a certification body near you.

> Select a BRCGS Academy Training Course


Validation and Verification

This one-day course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of validation and verification so they know the level of detail required for each process and are able to use validation and verification in practice. This is especially helpful when implementing some of the requirements in the Standards.

Risk Assessment

This one-day course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of risk assessment and enable them to use different risk assessment models. This is particularly useful when implementing product safety management systems on site, and when implementing the requirements of the Standards.


Step 4 Plan

  • Select and contact a suitable certification body.
  • Arrange a pre-assessment visit (optional).
  • Implement any identified corrective actions.


Step 5 Audit and Certification

  • Arrange an audit visit.
  • Make sure staff are available and preparations made.
  • Audit is conducted.
  • Carry out corrective actions.
  • Certification body presents audit report and determines whether the site can achieve certification.

> Select a BRCGS Academy Training Course

Root cause analysis

This one-day course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of root cause analysis (RCA) to know its importance and be able to perform it competently. This is especially helpful when implementing some of the requirements in the Standards.

Step 6 – Maintain

  • Continue to meet requirements.
  • Arrange a new audit before expiry.
  • Continual development.

> Select a BRCGS Academy Training Course

Internal auditor

This two-day course will enable you to undertake internal audits and prepare companies for third party audits. It’s delivered via a series of workshop-led discussions, presentations and an interactive case study. During the live case study, you will be given feedback and support to enable you to carry out an audit at your own workplace.

BRCGS Academy Training - Flexible, Bespoke and Cost Effective

In order to maximise the impact and efficiency of our training, we offer total flexibility in course delivery. You can decide how, where and when you and your staff engage with BRCGS.

You can come to us, with multiple courses on offer at any one of our accredited centres.

Or we can come to you, providing in-house training in your own office premises in the UK or abroad.

Or try one of our e-Learning courses designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, at a time and place of your choosing.

We offer a range of training courses to support successful implementation of the Global Standards. If you would like to discuss your training requirements please contact us.


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