Developed by Experts

Technical experts from around the globe have written Issue 4 of the Consumer Products Standards and they have changed considerably since the last issue.

The scheme is much more focused on two clear product areas, offering flexibility and choice, and any global, regional or national brand owner or specifier can select either Foundation or Higher levels for their suppliers.

Key Standard Revisions

  • Recognise the diversity of products and product technologies within consumer products.
  • The Standard meets global sourcing team requirements through fast, interim reporting.
  • Reinforce a risk-based approach to ensure product safety, legality and quality.
  • Widen the scope to include the manufacture of raw materials and components as finished products.


Brand Owner Recognition

To reduce audit burden there is a clear move to third party certification in a market dominated by second party schemes. BRCGS is working with many brand owners to effectively transition sites to this scheme which, over time, will be recognised by multiple brand owners and specifiers around the world.



  • Protection for your brand and your customers.
  • Greater brand owner confidence - use our globally recognised scheme and high focus on compliance and audit management.
  • Flexibility - choose the level that suits your supply chain.
  • Faster time to market - interim reporting allows faster procurement for new suppliers.
  • Global network of delivery partners that will cover your supply chain.
  • Compatibility with ISO9001 and cGMP.
  • Reduction in audit burden through moving to a recognised industry standard.
  • Manage supply chain risk and drive continual improvement through non-conformity analytics and trend analysis.
  • ANSI has announced an accreditation programme for certification bodies (CBs) assessing compliance to the new Global Standard for Consumer Products Issue 4.