Category Learning Modules

Over the years we have developed and delivered auditor competency requirements and assessment criteria for each of the product categories relevant to the BRCGS Global Standards. This allows us to maintain the quality and consistency of audits conducted globally.

Many UK and US retailers and manufacturers have expressed an interest in testing their internal auditors. In response to this, we're pleased to announce the development of our Category Learning Modules.

The BRCGS Academy's Category Learning Modules help you develop your product safety expertise.

Each module focuses on a specific category relevant to the Global Standards. The new training courses allow you to gain a greater level of knowledge and understanding about each category.

Category Learning Modules are for you if you are:

  • a member of a technical team moving from one speciality to another within your organisation;
  • a member of a technical team new to your role or industry, and needing to get up to speed;
  • looking to gain more in-depth knowledge on one product safety category;
  • looking to broaden your knowledge into a new product safety category as part of your career development; or
  • looking to move into a career as an auditor.

Like our e-Learning courses, Category Learning Modules are online; designed to be portable and flexible. This allows you to learn at your own pace, at a time and place of your choosing. They also allow you to focus on specific categories within the relevant Standard based on the needs of your role or where your interests lie.

If you have any questions about our Category Learning Modules or would like more information please contact us.