Butternut Box has grown to become a household name in UK, known for their dog food that is of such high quality, even humans can eat it.

From humble beginnings, Butternut Box was established in 2010 with a mission to provide dogs with healthy home-cooked food. With the concept proving a massive success in the UK, they opened their first pilot facility in 2016, and then progressed to a purpose-built factory in 2021.

With an ambitious goal to achieve BRCGS certification immediately after production began, they partnered with our LGC sister company, Safefood 360, to implement a fully integrated digital food safety management system solution. After a lot of hard work, Butternut Box achieved a prestigious AA grade on their first audit against the Global Standard Food Safety.  

This strategic approach to the setup of their production facilities has resulted in significantly improved operational efficiency and a smoother manufacturing process. The Safefood 360 software solution enables them to proactively mitigate any risk that might affect product quality which, combined with their BRCGS certification award, allows Butternut Box to confidently maintain and reinforce its reputation as a leader in the pet food industry. It also ensures they have complete control of their system, providing the agility to respond to market demands, whilst maintaining compliance with BRCGS requirements as they scale operations.

Watch this short video clip below to hear more from Butternut Box about their BRCGS certification.

Watch the full case study here.